Haute Couture 2024

The collection was based on Valentin’s stories about his attitude towards women and reflects his admiration for their beauty. The main theme of the collection is a woman in time, which includes images from different eras, such as: Renaissance, Antiquity, Baroque, Art Deco mixed with the style of the Middle East and Asia. The collection was inspired by bright and delicate colors, gold, pink and blue. The floral motif can be seen in all looks of the collection, from voluminous petals created from beads, sequins and bugles, to thin lines reminiscent of twigs with a scattering of morning dew. Colors of the collection reflects the changing seasons, from the cold frosts of March to the warm radiant June. The collection is completed by the bride’s traditional haute couture dress made of French lace and decorated with intricate hand embroidery. To create the collection, various materials were used brought from all over the world, including crepe, organza, gazar, chiffon and silk. Particular attention is paid to handmade embroidery, made in the best traditions of the Valentin Yudashkin brand. Complementing the looks are the finest handmade gloves made with French lace and embroidered with lush flowers. The new haute couture collection sounds like an Ode to the women whom Valentin Yudashkin has always idolized.

Handmade at the Valentin Yudashkin Atelier.