The Valentin Yudashkin Atelier

The world famous Valentin Yudashkin Atelier, founded in 1987, is a sacred place where dreams and visions are transformed into wearable pieces of art by one of the most skillful teams in the world. It is a place where blooming flowers, roaring waves and floating clouds are made by the steady hands of the Valentin Yudashkin seamstresses.

Only the most exquisite materials find their way into the Valentin Yudashkin Atelier. From ethereal silk organza to sumptuous French Chantilly lace and chiffon, every fabric is chosen for its luxurious touch and its ability to convey the designer’s vision of opulence. Rare and precious embellishments, such as crystals and delicate pearls, are meticulously applied by the artisans with unwavering dedication to perfection.

Craftsmanship at it’s finest with eternal love to Haute Couture.