Discover the new Summer Collection

Summer 2024

The new Summer 2024 Yudashkin collection was inspired by the colors of a sunny French flower garden. Light grace and sophistication can be seen in the silhouette lines and the decorative details of the pieces. Yudashkin offers two distinct themes: travel and evening cocktail elegance. The travel theme features a bright summer palette: cobalt blue, rich ultramarine, juicy lime and orange from the master color range. The evening theme is accentuated by special colors with a noble shine, such like cool menthol, shimmering silver and dusty rose. The accentuated waist lines give the pieces a very feminine feel along with the accentuated shoulders, soft smooth lines, romantic airy exciting skirts and puffy sleeves. The Summer 2024 collection pieces are made of natural silk materials with signature floral prints creating blooming garden illusions. Other featured materials include jacquard organza and lamé decorated with embroidery and drapery, emphasizing a a graceful silhouette.

Explore the latest Valentin Yudashkin Bridal collection where every dress is different, handmade by its own seamstress and tailor at the Valentin Yudashkin Haute Couture Atelier, using the finest fabric sourced from all corners of the earth and inspired by the unique future bride.

The collection was based on Valentin’s stories about his attitude towards women and reflects his admiration for their beauty. The main theme of the collection is a woman in time, which includes images from different eras, such as: Renaissance, Antiquity, Baroque, Art Deco mixed with the style of the Middle East and Asia. The floral motif can be seen in all looks of the collection, from voluminous petals created from beads, sequins and bugles, to thin lines reminiscent of twigs with a scattering of morning dew. 

Only the most exquisite materials find their way into the Valentin Yudashkin Atelier. From ethereal silk organza to sumptuous French Chantilly lace and chiffon, every fabric is chosen for its luxurious touch and its ability to convey the designer’s vision of opulence. Rare and precious embellishments, such as crystals and delicate pearls, are meticulously applied by the artisans with unwavering dedication to perfection.